DF:BHD Joiner v1.0 released

After a very… very long time of being far away from the DF series, a fast but qualitative rewrite was made of the old DFBHD: Jointool.
The old tool was written in Delphi 7, the new one is written in C#/WPF.

After a break of several years I came back and saw that neither the old Pinger or my Jointool worked as they should.
So this rewrite came to be.


You can find more details and a download link here!

I’ve got some more features in mind which will be added asap.

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I've been playing the Delta Force series since its inception. During those years I've worked on several tools to help out the players and the server admins. DF:BHD was the last title I played actively until 2008. I came back to have a look if there was any community still active and to my surprise there still are a few players left.

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